Recent Clients

Brett Levy represented me in a case that i was allegedly charged with Kidnapping, armed robbery, 2 counts assault and battery with dangerous weapon and car jacking. He presented evidence and also fought for me every time we went to court. He treated me like a friend but also kept it professional and looked out for my best interest. Will definitely recommend to anyone who finds themselves in trouble.

Nicholas – August 2019 –     

Amazing Attorney!!! I hired Attorney Levy first to to get a surcharge removed from my driving record, i was looking to save $1700/yr on my car insurance. I was involved in a single car accident, where I was driving with an alcohol level over the legal limit. Atty. Levy gathered the facts and managed to get the surcharge removed. Most recently I was involved an another accident that surely wasn’t my fault. I couldn’t get my insurance agent or my insurance…

Joe M – August 2019 –     

Residential Councilor and teacher I experienced working with Mr Brett Levy as my lawyer in 1997. Since then he has been my lawyer for any cases that I have had. He takes care of every issue that you may have in very professional caring way. He is punctual and organized. I will never go to anyone else because with him I know things will be done right.

Maritza – July 2019 –     

A lawyer with finesse When I first reached out to Brett, he was at the bottom of a large list of phone numbers during an incredibly high pressure time. I was on the cusp of facing jailtime, in a new town to me where the letter of the law was followed strictly. My previous court appointed attorneys were more interested in keeping the status quo than hearing me out. Understandable – they are often overworked. Anyway, Brett calmed me, answered my questions… walked into probation with ease and charm and was able to create the miracle of international travel with a record of probation violations… without extending probation AND making sure everyone felt they had the best possible outcome. He is not my friend, he comes at a cost… BUT HE IS TOTALLY WORTH EVERY PENNY AND I WOULD RECOMMEND HIM TO ANYONE * and buy him a steak. No fuss service, with a clear realistic candor. Hire him

Anonymous – July 2019 –     

Wonderful Attorney I hired Mr. Levy for 4 criminal cases for my son. He was Very aggressive and persistent in defending my son in court. He was very honest in dealing with me and always promptly replied to my questions in emails daily. It was a pleasure having him represent my son. I was very impressed with his work and abilities. He is also quite flexible with payments. I strongly recommend him to ppl who are scared and anxious for their case. I would definitely hire him again. He is very professional in his dealings, which made it so easy for me.

Sephora – June 2019 –     

Extremely Knowledgeable and Thorough Brett did a spectacular job on settling a personal injury case well above my expectations and with no stress to myself.

Justin – May 2019 –     

Best Lawyer in Boston I was lucky enough to find Brett to represent me in a very serious criminal case, in which I was not involved. Brett believed in me and did everything in his power to beat the case in a superior court trial. Through out the whole process, Brett was very hands on and confident while walking me through every step of the trial. We won the case and I could have never done it without him. Hands down best lawyer in Boston!!!!

Paul – May 2019 –     

Brett Levy is an amazing lawyer. He has helped me every time that I’ve needed him. For some reason he even gave me his cell phone number and I’ve been able to speak to him whenever I have an issue. Although I haven’t had any major criminal issues, I have found that Attorney Brett Levy is very knowledgeable with respect to any type of criminal proceeding in Massachusetts. Furthermore, he really knows his stuff regarding car accidents and slip and falls. After he helped me I had enough money to do pretty much anything I’ve ever wanted. Thank you so much Brett.

Karen G –     

I am professional engineer and never thought that I would be in court for my kids. I love my family and kids, and want them to do well. But things are not always going on your way. A small family incident that puts me in court. I was pretty worried and frustrated. Thank god that Brett came up to me and guided me through the process, and helped to clean up the mess. Case was closed without record! (Otherwise can definitely impact my professional career). My family is back in the good place. Thanks again Brett for your help.

Jim Tai –     

Brett is a great attorney. Extremely committed and reliable; was there every time I needed him. Can always be contacted and can expect a quick response. Clearly knows what steps he wants to take in a case and will get the job done!

Dana Valentine –     

Brett Levy is a fantastic lawyer. He solved my issue with no problems at all, and gave proper guidance every step of the way.

Matt Grichnik –     

Brett is a smart and prepared lawyer who always goes the extra mile for his clients.

Liz K –     

I have used Attorney Levy many of times and he always been satisfactory. He always does an amazing job and always keeps me informed so I would know what to expect. He makes the process seamless. I would recommend his law office to anyone in need.

Sevigne Pilet –     

Brett has been my lawyer many years. He is fair and works fast. Brett and his staff are dedicated, straightforward, and honest! Recommend his practice to anyone needing the services he provides!!

A Aparicio –     

I hired brett after being accused of resisting arrest. I definitely resisted being beat up by two undercovers yet i never even knew who these two were till after the fact. It was a very tough case. Yet brett helped the entire time and kept my mind at ease. Thank u very very much brett.

Chris –     

I have retained Brett in a number of occasions. He’s straightforward and honest, giving candid assessments of the likelihood of specific outcomes. He knows the law and the court system, and maintains relationships with other legal experts when he doesn’t know the answer.

Edward G –     

Atty Levy was most helpful in resolving this case for our company. It was a case of dismissed employee who fabricated a claim for a non existent contract….

Jan –     

Mr. Levy was actually the first lawyer I went to in the US. He was super professional and helpful in terms of case preparation and communication. Few facts about him: 1. He was very reachable to customer: he was recommended by other lawyer and even thought I never met him before, he still gave me his cell number so I could reach him anytime I needed some immediate help. 2. He was professional and efficient: Mr. Levy has tons of experience in his field of cases and he was very acknowledgeable for the one I had. All the process we went were as simple as it could be, the whole thing was even more fast then I thought, we did not waste any time at all with him. 3. He is a punctual person: I like people who are serious about time and promises, especially in this kind of situation. Every time he showed up on time before court or even earlier than me, it gave me plenty reason for me to believe he was ready for me and I felt relieved for sure. In all, he is a great choice to make your case goes right.

anonymous –     

I needed legal representation for a criminal case in court . Hiring Brett was the best thing I did I was so scared. He walked me through step by step ,answered my endless questions and helped me feel confident going into court . He achieved a very favorable outcome with a dismissal . I highly recommend him if your looking for excellent representation someone who truly cares , very professional trustworthy and knowledgeable.

Stephanie H –     

Attorney Levy was an outstanding choice from start to finish when it came to a personal injury lawsuit. I had been involved in a MVA in 2012, which led to a herniated disc requiring operation as well as a multitude of other physical complaints. It was a complicated case because I had a pre-existing medical condition with several medical files demonstrating physical complaints, yet he was able to decipher and prove specific injury as a result of the accident. The outcome was as successful as possible which was recovering the largest possible claim on the insured as well as the driver. Attorney Levy and his paralegal support staff were incredibly professional, easy to work with, diligent and above all — made the process extremely simple and as stress free as possible for me! 5+ stars

anonymous –     

Brett was excellent I went through 3 attorneys, yes 3, before I found one that I could completely confide in to handle the time sensitive aspect and delicacy of my case it was pretty complex and I kept running into attorney s that promised the moon and said they could handle it and it was like once they got the papers signed to be my attorney they would ignore more not return my calls and give me little to no info on the update or status of my case. But Brett totally did his due diligence and got alot more than the other attorneys were able to and surprised me with how hands on and personable he was he was completely heads on with everything and I couldn’t have made a better choice I also have 3 other personal friends that used him and was extremely satisfied I have nothing but great things to say about Brett I would highly recommend him to anyone in the market for an excellent attorney.very impressed.

Robert –